Double River and Sobo Waterfalls

Brasso Seco

The name comes from Spainsh Dialect, which means “Dry-Branch”.

Hidden in the Northern Range of Trinidad’s rainforest, Brasso Seco is an eco-visitor’s dream, located an hour’s drive from the Piarco Airport and forty-five minutes from Arima, the nearest ‘city.’

With a population of around 300, this small village has a few shops in the heart of the village along with a bar, Catholic Church, Primary School, Community Centre, Visitors Facility, Health Clinic and small Post Office in addition to a few host homes and guesthouses for visitors.

Originally established in the early 1900’s as a Cocoa and Coffee plantation, the area is still rich with assorted fruit trees and is surrounded by pristine rain forests full of crystal clear rivers, countless waterfalls and a plethora of birds, butterflies, mammals, reptiles & insects.

Brasso Seco is also know for it’s Annual Indigenous Food Festival, this is a nationally known event that people flock to in order to taste our amazing foods, soak in our beautiful surroundings, and here some local folk tunes and Parang,

The Brasso Seco Visitor Facility is located in the heart of our community and is run by the community Tourism Action Committee (TAC) group.

Here you can get information about and organize anything you would like to do in Brasso Seco as well as purchase a variety of supplies made locally by villagers.

Double River

Double RIver

Right before this Facility is a junction, here we take the road on the right, heading to Madamas (Madamas Road). Driving along this road for an additional fifteen minutes you will eventually run out of asphalt an end up on a dirty road.

This road will take you straight to Double River, but it is not drive-able by normal vehicles, you will need a 4×4 possible a modified one, because the road is mostly mud.

But the average vehicle can reach to a point, at which you then have a thirty to forty-five minutes walk.

Double River is where the two tributaries of Double River Falls and Sobo Falls merge.

Double RIver Waterfall

Two minutes walk from the junction up the tributary on the right will take you to Double River Waterfall.

Nice scenic area, where the water runs of the about twenty feet high rock, onto the rocks below, great place for taking a few of those candid shots.

Sobo Waterfall

Sobo Waterfall

Going up the river to the left or taking the path that goes up the hill to the left, will take you to Sobo Waterfall.

This falls cascades fifty feet into a shallow pool at its base, with broad and spacious scenery surrounded with evergreen vegetation.

Google map showing trail and location.

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