Avocar Waterfall – Blanchisseuse

Avocat Waterfall

Avocar Waterfall:


Located in Blanchisseuse lush green Forrest accessible from Pops Avenue a dirt road on the Blanchisseuse Road to Arima resides the Avocar Waterfall.

The drive from the junction is approximately twenty-five minutes which all depends on your vehicle as the road is not the best.

One of the residents would allow you to park in his yard for a fee of twenty-five TT dollars.

Avocat Waterfall

Nature Walk

The walk from here is about ten minutes or less until you arrive at the Marianne River, you then follow the river downstream until you meet the junction where the two rivers meet.

We cross the river and up a small incline to the other side of the hill to the evermore wonderful forgotten treasure of Avocar Falls.  If you can swim you can also cross by the junction and go up the stream to the falls.

This journey should take you about thirty minute to the base of the waterfall, where the pool with the rock in the center lies.

The water here is cold and clear, the center of the pool is deep not deep enough to suggest diving head first, but you can walk around either to get under the waterfall itself, where you can experience the water beating down on you from above.

Avocat Waterfall

From here you can also climb to the top of the waterfall to witness the amazing view from above by using the path on the right that goes up the hill.

Avocat Waterfall

At the top of the waterfall lies another amazing turquoise in colour, deep enough pool for diving, a treasure for the swimmers to enjoy.

Another easy to reach and wonderful destination to enjoy, great place for a family outing and getting you pictures.

Rating: Easy


Keep nature clean, no littering!


Google map showing Waterfall and parking area.

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